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1. New work proposals

Contribution to the FIPA standards process begins with an idea for work being formed. Such an idea should be suitable for standardisation in supporting software agents and should be applicable to and in the context of other FIPA specifications.

To submit an idea to FIPA for consideration, a work plan should be constructed which gives a detailed description of the work involved and a time line for developing this work further. Once completed, a work plan can be submitted to the Work Plan mailing list ( for comments from the general FIPA membership. If there is enough support within the FIPA membership for the proposed work plan, it can be submitted to the FIPA Architecture Board ( for approval.

It is important to remember that when a work plan is submitted, the proposers of the work plan must be willing to commit to this work and undertake it in collaboration with other FIPA members, preferably at official meetings.

Upon approval by the FIPA Architecture Board, a Technical Committee or Working Group will be formed to organise and coordinate the work plan, or it will be allocated to an existing TC or WG.

2. Comments regarding existing specifications

FIPA welcomes comments regarding it existing body of specifications, with the exception of Obsolete specifications. Comments should be directed to the contact on the cover page of the specification or to the FIPA Architecture Board. FIPA also maintains a number of mailing lists which can be used to ask questions regarding FIPA, its process and its specifications.

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