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The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) was formed in 1996 to produce software standards for heterogeneous and interacting agents and agent-based systems. In the production of these standards, FIPA requires input and collaboration from its membership and from the agentís field in general to build specifications that can be used to achieve interoperability between agent-based systems developed by different companies and organisations. This is encapsulated in FIPAís mission statement.

FIPA is organised and structured according to two groups; those involved in the production and development of standards and those involved in the support mechanism of FIPA.

FIPA undertakes its work at meetings that are held four times a year and also has close working relationships with other standards organisations, such as the Object Management Group (OMG). FIPA members can be contacted through a number of mailing lists which it maintains.

There is a FAQ on FIPA which answers the most commonly asked questions. A recent slide presentation given at the Agentcities Information Days in Lisboa summarizes the mission of FIPA, its role and its main activities and gives an overview about the current set of specifications that are going from experimental to standard.

Contact FIPA Secretariat for general information and membership issues.

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