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FIPA Technical Committees (TCs) are intended to carry out the technical work of FIPA. Their remit is defined by a work plan that is approved by the FIPA Architecture Board and contains a description of the work that the will undertake for a given period of time. Normally, a TC will either create new specifications and/or modify existing specifications.

TCs are created by the FIPA Architecture Board in collaboration with the Board of Directors. To create or modify FIPA specifications, a work plan must be created which details the new specification to create or the modifications to make to existing specifications. This document should be submitted to the work plan email reflector ( for comments and then to the FIPA Architecture Board ( for approvel; the Architecture Board will either reject the work plan, assign it to an existing TC or create a new TC to deal with it.

Currently, the following TCs are tasked with work:


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