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FIPA organises three official meetings per year. The main purpose of these meetings is to allow researchers and developers in the field of agents to collaborate in the discussion and production of FIPA specifications.

Attendance to a meeting is limited to the FIPA membership and non-members are invited to attend when they are making a contribution to the FIPA standards process. This can be either through a proposed amendment to an existing specification or through a work plan to ask for a work to be undertaken by FIPA. It must be stressed that approval of amendments and work plans is strictly based upon support from the organisations and people proposers. If you are interested in contributing to the FIPA standardisation process, please contact the FIPA Architecture Board at

A FIPA meeting normally begins on Monday morning and ends on Wednesday afternoon. Two open plenary sessions are normally reserved for these times to allow the Board of Directors and the FIPA Architecture Board to report to the FIPA membership. During the week, time is allocated to Technical Committees and Working Groups at “official” times; the official times are intended not to overlap so that people can move between TCs and WGs that interest them.

FIPA is planning the next meeting in Autumn 2005.  More information will be posted on the website once available

Details of past meetings are also available.

If you are interested in hosting a future FIPA meeting, please contact the Board of Directors at

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