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The following pages list various liaisons between FIPA and companies and organisations that implement some or all of the FIPA Specifications

1. Liaisons with Universities

    The FIPA Liaison with Universities page collects educational information from Universities that provide agent courses as well as practical work and exercises. This page also provides access to freely accessible educational material.

2. Liaisons with Projects

    The FIPA Liaison with Projects page provides links to major projects working around FIPA Agent Technology that are involved in field trials by FIPA members or consortia members.

3. Liaisons with Standards

    The FIPA Liaison with Standards page provides an update of the relations with other standards, and gives the name of the person in charge of this relation.

4. Liaisons with FIPA Implementations

    The FIPA Liaison with Implementations page lists major publicly available implementations of agent platforms which conform to the FIPA specifications.

5. Liaisons with Agent Methodologies

6. Links to Related Efforts

    The Links to Related Efforts lists companies that are involved in similar activities as FIPA.

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