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FIPA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are designed to carry out auxilliary tasks within FIPA which are of interests to the membership.

FIPA currently has the following active SIGs.

1. FIPA for Business Applications (F4BA)


Stefan Poslad (Queen Mary, University of London)


Donald Steiner (WebV2)

Chair Email


F4BA Whitepaper


To identify application areas that derive specific benefits from agent technology and FIPA. To identify the core benefits that FIPA offers over current industry practice in these areas and to identify the main challenges to specify/implement FIPA specifications in these areas.  To initiate development and alignment of FIPA towards selected application areas.

The initial focus of F4BA will be to survey publicly funded research projects to record experiences of using FIPA technology in different research projects, which implement FIPA technology on various application fields.  The current F4BA document will form part of the input for that.


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