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1. Purpose

The Semantics TC is working on a new semantic framework to reflect the needs of verifiability and conformance. In particular, the objective is to adopt or define a semantic framework that can give an account of FIPA’s existing CAs and IPs as well as a number of additional constructs such as contracts, agreements, policies, trust, agent descriptions and so on. It is important to note that actually developing the account of all of these is not part or the current effort: it is envisaged that subsequent work plans would address these specific areas.  It is envisaged that any new semantic framework would focus on publicly visible behavior of agents and systems; not on internal mental models.

Currently, TC Semantics is developing a white paper on the semantic framework.

2. Organisation and Contacts


Everett Sherwood (Motorola)

Chair Email






Mailing List


3. Documents (current version)

Work Plans

[f-wp-00016] Semantic Framework Work Plan
(Initial Version 2001-10-24)



Input from

Semantics overview in 100 slides [f-in-00096].  This presentation describes the difference between high and low level semantics and consideres how semantics are expressed in lexical structures.

4. Milestones


TC Milestones


Issued Call for Information



5. Remit


6. Status

Current results and future work status as at 32nd FIPA Meeting in Rockville, MD:

TC Semantics had several excellent technical discussions.  During this meeting the following was accomplished:

  • Revised work plan approach
  • Identified More Use cases
  • Identified More Requirement Sources
    • Time, Location for continued effort between meetings.
  • Identified Potential Participants
  • Exposure of Semantics approach to other TCs
  • Presentations
    • Stefan
         - Old/New Relationships
    • Everett
         - Recap of Semantics
         - Preview of GMM Transform

Please contact Everett Sherwood for more detailed information. The following continuing actions are resolved:

  • Begin a strawman "Agent Speak"
    • Use example message from ACL
    • Draft:
         - Definitions, word nets, sentences structures, ontologies, episodics
  • Establish a virtual collaboration
    • Wiki-Wiki

The chair thanks the many people who participated in the sessions.

Status updates from this and prior meetings can be found in the respective resolutions.  This information is available at FIPA Past Meetings.

7. How to Contribute

Communication to the working group is via the email mailing list semantics(at)

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